Project Team

A successful project requires many people to play many roles. Some members write code or documentation, while others are valuable as testers, submitting patches and suggestions.

The project team is comprised of Members and Contributors. Members have direct access to the source of a project and actively evolve the code-base. Contributors improve the project through submission of patches and suggestions to the Members. The number of Contributors to the project is unbounded. Get involved today. All contributions to the project are greatly appreciated.


The following is a list of developers with commit privileges that have directly contributed to the project in one way or another.

Image Id Name Email Organization Roles Time Zone
rfscholte Robert Scholte [email protected] - PMC Chair Europe/Amsterdam
aheritier Arnaud Héritier [email protected] - PMC Member +1
andham Anders Hammar [email protected] - PMC Member +1
baerrach Barrie Treloar [email protected] - PMC Member Australia/Adelaide
bimargulies Benson Margulies [email protected] - PMC Member America/New_York
brianf Brian Fox [email protected] Sonatype PMC Member -5
cstamas Tamas Cservenak [email protected] - PMC Member +1
dennisl Dennis Lundberg [email protected] ASF PMC Member +1
dkulp Daniel Kulp [email protected] ASF PMC Member -5
evenisse Emmanuel Venisse [email protected] ASF PMC Member +1
gboue Guillaume Boué [email protected] - PMC Member Europe/Paris
hboutemy Hervé Boutemy [email protected] ASF PMC Member Europe/Paris
ifedorenko Igor Fedorenko [email protected] Sonatype PMC Member -5
jvanzyl Jason van Zyl [email protected] - PMC Member -5
khmarbaise Karl Heinz Marbaise [email protected] - PMC Member +1
krosenvold Kristian Rosenvold [email protected] - PMC Member +1
mkleint Milos Kleint - - PMC Member -
olamy Olivier Lamy [email protected] - PMC Member Australia/Melbourne
michaelo Michael Osipov [email protected] - PMC Member Europe/Berlin
rgoers Ralph Goers [email protected] Intuit PMC Member -8
snicoll Stephane Nicoll [email protected] ASF PMC Member +1
stephenc Stephen Connolly [email protected] - PMC Member 0
tibordigana Tibor Digaňa [email protected] - PMC Member Europe/Bratislava
vsiveton Vincent Siveton [email protected] ASF PMC Member -5
wfay Wayne Fay [email protected] ASF PMC Member -6
adangel Andreas Dangel [email protected] - Committer Europe/Berlin
bdemers Brian Demers [email protected] Sonatype Committer -5
bellingard Fabrice Bellingard - - Committer -
bentmann Benjamin Bentmann [email protected] Sonatype Committer +1
chrisgwarp Chris Graham [email protected] - Committer Australia/Melbourne
dantran Dan Tran [email protected] - Committer -8
dbradicich Damian Bradicich [email protected] Sonatype Committer -5
brett Brett Porter [email protected] ASF Committer +10
dfabulich Daniel Fabulich [email protected] - Committer -8
fgiust Fabrizio Giustina [email protected] openmind Committer +1
godin Evgeny Mandrikov [email protected] SonarSource Committer +3
handyande Andrew Williams [email protected] - Committer 0
imod Dominik Bartholdi [email protected] - Committer Europe/Zurich
jjensen Jeff Jensen - - Committer -
ltheussl Lukas Theussl [email protected] - Committer +1
markh Mark Hobson [email protected] - Committer 0
mauro Mauro Talevi - - Committer -
mfriedenhagen Mirko Friedenhagen [email protected] - Committer +1
mmoser Manfred Moser [email protected] - Committer -8
nicolas Nicolas de Loof - - Committer -
oching Maria Odea B. Ching - - Committer -
pgier Paul Gier [email protected] Red Hat Committer -6
ptahchiev Petar Tahchiev [email protected] - Committer +2
rafale Raphaël Piéroni [email protected] Dexem Committer +1
schulte Christian Schulte [email protected] - Committer Europe/Berlin
simonetripodi Simone Tripodi [email protected] - Committer +1
sor Christian Stein [email protected] - Committer Europe/Berlin
struberg Mark Struberg [email protected] - Committer -
tchemit Tony Chemit [email protected] CodeLutin Committer Europe/Paris
vmassol Vincent Massol [email protected] ASF Committer +1
agudian Andreas Gudian [email protected] - Emeritus Europe/Berlin
aramirez Allan Q. Ramirez - - Emeritus -
bayard Henri Yandell - - Emeritus -
carlos Carlos Sanchez [email protected] ASF Emeritus +1
chrisjs Chris Stevenson - - Emeritus -
dblevins David Blevins - - Emeritus -
dlr Daniel Rall - - Emeritus -
epunzalan Edwin Punzalan [email protected] - Emeritus -8
felipeal Felipe Leme - - Emeritus -
jdcasey John Casey [email protected] ASF Emeritus -6
jmcconnell Jesse McConnell [email protected] ASF Emeritus -6
joakime Joakim Erdfelt [email protected] ASF Emeritus -5
jruiz Johnny Ruiz III [email protected] - Emeritus -
jstrachan James Strachan - - Emeritus -
jtolentino Ernesto Tolentino Jr. [email protected] ASF Emeritus +8
kenney Kenney Westerhof [email protected] Neonics Emeritus +1
mperham Mike Perham [email protected] IBM Emeritus -6
ogusakov Oleg Gusakov - - Emeritus -
pschneider Patrick Schneider [email protected] - Emeritus -6
rinku Rahul Thakur - - Emeritus -
shinobu Shinobu Kuwai - - Emeritus -
smorgrav Torbjorn Eikli Smorgrav - - Emeritus -
trygvis Trygve Laugstol [email protected] ASF Emeritus +1
wsmoak Wendy Smoak [email protected] - Emeritus -7


The following additional people have contributed to this project through the way of suggestions, patches or documentation.

Alina Vasiljeva
Jesper Udby